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We also supply custom-made stainless steel storage tanks, mixing tanks and pressure tanks ranging from 50L to 100,000L.
We configure and produce the tanks based upon your requirements. We design the tanks in SolidWorks and provide you with the dwg- and step-files you can then integrate into your project.
All tanks can be equipped with heat exchangers, insulation and various agitators from various suppliers.

The following codes and general standards apply to our atmospheric tanks:
EN13920 = construction standard for storage tanks; ISO 13920:1996 = tolerances for welding constructions; EN1672-2/2005+A /2009 = general standard for equipment for food preparation and processing;
EN10088:2005 = general standard for stainless steel; DIN EN ISO 3834-2 = certification for fusion welding; Internal protocols for visual, non-destructive and hydrostatic testing;
ISO-9001:2008 = certification for quality management; WPQR (LMK) (QMOS); WPS; certification for welding operators 287.1; certification for material 3.1.

Additional codes and general standards for pressure tanks:
PED CE declaration of conformity; EN13445-3 = construction and calculation standard; X-ray monitoring; traceability ISO 9001 - 2008; risk analysis.

Additional codes and general tanks for mixing tanks:
CE declaration of conformity in accordance with directive 2006/42/EC; traceability ISO 9001 - 2008; risk analysis.

You can look at the pictures and videos of finished CUSTOM-BUILD projects below. If you are looking for a project like this, you can contact us via the related link.
We also build customised tanks and agitators for you !
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