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Urea tanks

Are you looking for new polyester or stainless steel urea tanks (liquid fertilizer)?

STAES.COM builds polyester and stainless steel urea tanks (liquid fertilizer).
Check here for some of our recent industrial projects and for a description of the various codes and directives we use.

Urea tanks ranging from 21,000L to 102,000L.

We also have a large stock of approximately +800 storage tanks and mixing tanks.

A selection from our stock:

8 x 32.000 L
32.000 L - 7.250/St.
  • Number available 9
  • Stock in Olen 8
  • In external stock 0
  • In production 1
  • 1 n.a.
  • item available on order
1 x 52.000 L
52.000 L - 9.250/St.
  • Number available 2
  • Stock in Olen 1
  • In external stock 0
  • In production 1
  • 1 ready in week 47
  • item available on order
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